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Blaoskapel "De Hölter Brök" Belfeld.

Some background information

The Hölter Brök (translation: "wooden bridge") was founded on Sunday october 30, 1976 in café "de Boer" and has 24 members for whom making music is a hobby. Besides members making music the Hölter Brök also has members highly involved in supporting activaties.

The source of the bands name is related to a wooden bridge crossing a small brooklet in a part of Belfeld called "Belfeldse Broek". The moment farmers went to their arable land they had to use this bridge. They said "we goan nao de Hölter Brök".

The band is giving performances all over the year. For example by taking part in the yearly carnaval in Belfeld and Germany, acting as the band of a more than 350 year old company, giving performances in old people's homes and being present at the yearly wine festivals in Zeltingen (Germany).

The Hölter Brök is playing among others march music, Austrian and Czech music and of course todays populair Dutch and German music.

The Hölter Brök is a member of the Koninklijke Federatie van Muziekgezelschappen, KNFM (Royal Federation Of Music Societies).

Picture of Holter Brok made in 2012

This photo was made in 2012.

Wine festivals in Zeltingen

This photo was made during the wine festivals in Zeltingen.

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